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What's the most popular activity you could never get into?
  • I'm going to be honest. I'd be really annoyed if somebody kept asking me for a ride because they don't want to be a driver. I also hate driving but it's necessary where I live for most cases.

    Hopefully you're taking the inconvenience to others into account when asking for a ride to places.

  • Big Science
  • as long as you're not fighting against observations and evidence without additional observations and evidence.

    Observations and evidence could be non-maliciously incorrect. New observations could be made that invalidate the old after another change in our perception occurs.

    Observations and evidence just show to the best of our abilities at the moment.

  • Conservative Owns the Libs by Paying $4,000 a Month for His Ford F-350
  • It's not reliability the mechanic is picking older cars for. It's the ability to work on it themselves.

    Most people would be paying more to have somebody work on an older car over and over again because the parts aren't made anymore.

  • I remember people like the account whose name is so politely obscured
  • My only criteria for the 2020 Presidential general election was not actively trying to divide the country and not trying to make enemies of our allies internationally. This became the case because all of the candidates I actually wanted didn't have the support.

    I still feel Biden is much better than Trump in those two areas. Is Biden good? No. It's he actively trying to destroy things? Also no.

  • Is there a Jrpg you could always play?
  • I've definitely played through 7 about 15 times. 8 and 9 twice.

    Mario RPG I knew like the back of my hand growing up, I had played it so much. There's been a few others as well.

    Legend of Dragoon got a few play through. Grandia II as well.

  • Is there a way to add "Run as Sudo" to context menu like with Windows?
  • It's not attitude they are giving you. It's strong recommendation. It's the strong recommendation of the entire Linux community.

    Sudo is different than run as admin and is not intended to be used to do things the way Windows does them.

  • FFXVI - Am I crazy?

    I've been playing Final Fantasy 16 for the last couple of weeks and feel really let down by the hype and reviews of this game.

    While I enjoy the deviation of the combat the rest of the game feels very incomplete. The vocal animations are frequently off. The travel from area to area is just an overworld map to select travel from one small area to another. There are like 2 or 3 side quests at a time and a whole vendor that will send you to side quests in different areas, but his menu is always empty.

    In general, the graphics are roughly the same as FFXIV. The animations and music seem ripped right out of 14 as well. And the combat and akin to the main series Kingdom Hearts games.

    Overall I'm enjoying it, but these 7-9 out of 10 reviews that are calling it some massive achievement seem really undeserved.

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