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Crazy United Kingdom mods restrict users to five post per day
  • Why do you need to post more?

    Generally it just means spamming, better to restrict it.

  • How do you connect with people and make friends without social media?
  • You're saying that as if 8 was a small number...

  • Just another day for the Coast Guard
  • Or 560°R (Rankine, the Fahrenheit-based alternative to Kelvin).

    0°R = 0K

  • "How am I supposed to explain this to my children?!"
  • things like conversion therapy - if it’s a choice, you can be taught to choose differently.

    Oh, fuck!
    I mixed that term up with "gender-affirming care".

    That explains the negativity around "conversion therapy" xD

  • Summer is the worst season of the year, isn't?
  • I can be comfortable from 90F to about 100F.

    I envy you. I am already hot at 65F...

  • How many alts do you have on lemmy
  • One when our instance is down.

  • You have 15$. How would you spend it so that you'll be the happiest you can be for 15$ ?
  • Go somewhere further away by a coach bus. Or maybe a 1st class train ticket (as a student I can travel in 2nd class for free in most trains).

    I like travelling. Just sitting in a bus/train doing nothing.

  • If you didn't have to work, how would you spend your time?
  • Find a job I'd love.

    I don't want to be useless, but now I wouldn't have to be worried about money.

  • The last time you had a panic/anxiety attack, why?
  • Few days ago over an imaginary situation lasting 8 hours. I did write it all down, and I still have it saved, but it's pretty weird.

    I wrote this down shortly after and it's just been residing in a note-taking app. Perhaps you could consider it NSFW since it discusses death in not the best manner.
    I'll just plop it here into a spoiler if you want to read it:

    Fucked up text

    So, we had a discussion on 1st aid also involving CPR. Apparently mouth-to-mouth is also required where I live.

    I tried to imagine such a situation, and over the course of around 8 hours spiralled into worse and worse thoughts as I kept overthinking every aspect of it more and more.
    I'll try to just lay them into separate points:

    1. I was thinking about how I'd approach the rescue breaths (mouth-to-mouth). I realized that this would likely end up being a problem for me. It would be hard to encourage myself into it, in the end wasting a lot of precious time letting the person's brain starve of oxygen. I don't know why, but this part feels very hard even to just imagine.
    2. I started thinking of what if I was that person. Problem is, I would want to just die. This would be an opportunity without me having to do anything myself, and of course there would be no physical way to regret it.
    3. What if that imaginary person would feel the same? (DNR doesn't exist where I live) I feel like forcing someone to live against their will is the worst thing I could do to someone.
    4. What if I was actually causing more harm even physically? Combine the point 3 with hypoxia causing permanent brain damage. That would make matters even worse. I got to the conclusion that this point goes both ways, because it could also be caused by not doing CPR if the ambulance got there quick enough to still save the person, even if with severe brain damage at this point, as opposed to just permanent death.
    5. Not being able to handle it, what if I tried to exit it by killing myself, perhaps by jumping under a truck? I felt like this would be most morally correct as it wouldn't leave me alive.
    6. That could traumatize the driver or even escalate the existing accident.
    7. At this point I was just exhausted, alternating between crying and feeling rage towards myself.
    8. I took my dog for a walk which finally allowed me to calm myself down.

    I don't know how I'd deal with this in reality. Of course I wouldn't have 8 hours to overthink everything.

    Of course, this is just imagination with lots of overthinking, but I often spiral into thoughts like this. It feels like I am internally fighting myself about what's right and what isn't. Twice I got into such thoughts so much I couldn't physically stand until I calmed down at least a bit.

    I am an awful person.

  • What was your first operating system or Linux Distribution?
  • Well, this sets a new level of recent here judging by the comments.

    Desktop OS: Linux Mint 20 MATE. Yep, that's right. I only got my first proper computer in 2020.
    Thankfully, I had to install the OS myself, which was of course preceded by choosing an OS.
    I had Windows 10 on that laptop for 2 days which served me to compare different OSs and burn the install DVD. I had no flash drives, and just dug out one old DVD-RW. OK, I'll be honest, hearing about Linux first I was searching for "just Linux", pure Linux, not derivatives. Oh well, GNU+Linux copypasta actually being helpful.

    Alright, but why did I "have" to install an OS if I got it with Windows? It was used. I did reset it, but even though it was my first proper PC, I had no lack of paranoia. I thought that someone before me could have put spyware on that.
    And I was right. Not the way I thought, but I was. That someone was Microsoft.

  • Gender neutral adult rule
  • Just turning into zombie, keep scrolling.

  • University Students
  • I am not a programmer, I just barely wrote one bash script in the past. But I'd say more comments are better than too few.

    When I later wanted to edit it, I got completely lost. I wrote it with absolutely no comments.

  • South Korea thinktank suggests girls start school earlier to raise birthrate
  • The trend has been blamed on the high cost of raising and educating children, and the lack of affordable housing

  • Have you got any weird questions FROM the opposite gender?
  • Quite a memory from the childhood.

    We were competing at who could smash into the wall with their bike at the highest speed. You know, just smashing into it with the front wheel, coming to a sudden stop.

  • Summer is the worst season of the year, isn't?
  • Absolutely.
    I can put on more clothes, but I can't strip my skin. I mean, with enough dedication I probably could...

  • When you were little, how old did you think people used to get, and at what age did you consider a person old?

    I used to think that age equated to percentage of life lived, thus I thought that most people live to close around 100. But it also made me think that people only get old when they're like 80.

    I mean like actually "old". The "old" adults were referring to. At that age I considered those 14/15 year old 9th graders old, just a bit different "old".

    Do Orbit chewing gums fall apart in your mouth when you stop chewing them?

    For some reason this happens to me, but only with Orbit. At least the watermelon ones (I prefer chewing gums that leave minimum taste), I don't know about others. It just turns into a disgusting paste.

    Does my dog fit here?

    Laying on his back, if the perspective seems confusing.

    Relaying info from SDF relating this outage - 2024-05-29 (possibly a hardware issue)

    ```<> TACKER: membership (SDF Membership) SUBJECT: .. and are down DATE: 29-May-24 14:17:40 HOST: mx

    there looks to be a possible hardware issue with one of the nodes that hosts a spare is being staged to take on the additional load. ```

    Source: REQUESTS bulletin board on SDF public access UNIX system

    A bit of a weird question: Can modern medicine be a threat to humanity long-term by greatly reducing effects of natural selection?

    OK, I hope my question doesn't get misunderstood, I can see how that could happen. Just a product of overthinking.

    Idea is that we can live fairly easily even with some diseases/disorders which could be-life threatening. Many of these are hereditary. Since modern medicine increases our survival capabilities, the "weaker" individuals can also survive and have offsprings that could potentially inherit these weaknesses, and as this continues it could perhaps leave nearly all people suffering from such conditions further into future.

    Does that sound like a realistic scenario? (Assuming we don't destroy ourselves along with the environment first...)

    Soldered-on RTC batteries (with type covered as a bonus)

    >This battery lasts the life of the router under the operating environmental conditions specified for the router, and is not field-replaceable.

    But who determines its lifespan?

    Knowing there is a battery set to fail and I can't simply replace it makes me physically uncomfortable. Enough so that I'd rather it not have RTC.

    Thanks Cisco.

    From SDF about the (not only) Lemmy outage

    From bboard ANNOUNCE BBOARD: ```<.> TACKER: membership (SDF Membership) SUBJECT: network outage in second cabinet DATE: 16-Apr-24 01:22:19 HOST: mx

    It looks that we're experience a network outage to our second cabinet this evening. A ticket has been opened to address the issue.

    This affects, and

    Thank you for your patience.

    <ANNOUNCE.1.0/2>(87)[ <ENTER> follow thread, (R)EPLY, (F)LAG or (Q)UIT ]

    TACKER: membership (SDF Membership) SUBJECT: .. network outage in second cabinet DATE: 16-Apr-24 01:59:59 HOST: mx

    Confirmed that this is only a network outage to the second cabinet and is currently being worked on by our network service provider. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. Thank you for your patience.

    <ANNOUNCE.1.1/2>(6)[ <ENTER> follow thread, (R)EPLY, (F)LAG or (Q)UIT ]

    TACKER: membership (SDF Membership) SUBJECT: .. network outage in second cabinet DATE: 16-Apr-24 20:19:30 HOST: mx

    our network provider has reassigned our uplink port for the second cabinet and the hosts are once against accessible.

    (it even blinks! What!? Why?)

    <ANNOUNCE.1> Command: ```

    Just relaying it here.

    Note: I am not affiliated with SDF

    "I don't know."

    Sorry for the lazy meme, I don't know what else to make this branch diagram in.

    [SOLVED: Updated every 24 hours] Display name and Bio updates don't seem to be federating


    I know in past I've successfully updated my display name, and it shows on other instances, so perhaps this problem is new to 0.19.x, but I am not at all sure about that.

    Free ProtonVPN now doesn't allow selection of specific servers and split-tunneling in its client (+ workaround for Android)

    First of all a disclaimer: I am not upset about the removal of manual server selection as this is a free service. They don't need to provide such services at all, so something is better than nothing.

    What happened: This morning I opened the ProtonVPN app on my phone and got greeted with a message stating free accounts can now only use automatic server selection and addition of free servers in Poland and Romania. However, I also noticed split-tunelling is now paywalled as well.

    Now, this is rather weird. Split-tunelling is already in the app and is something that works only on the client side, thus not putting any extra load on the servers. Quite the contrary, actually, as it allows some apps to not use the VPN, thus use less bandwidth. The automatic-selection-only allows for better load balancing, so that makes sense.

    Now to the workaround. They still allow manual OpenVPN and Wireguard setup even for free accounts, at least for now. To do so, login to ProtonVPN and go to account. There's OpenVPN credentials which are used for OpenVPN authentication. Then go to downloads, select appropriate options including the specific server and download the ovpn config file. Client: OpenVPN for Android This app also supports split tunneling (edit config -> Allowed apps).

    ProtonVPN has an article on how to set up this app, but it's really just importing the config and adding your OpenVPN ProtonVPN credentials which you grabbed before.

    Is there a way to connect DD-WRT router over HTTP proxy so that it routes all traffic over it (using HTTP CONNECT method)?


    There's a computer connected to the WiFi router as a client. This computer has access to internet and shares that connection over HTTP proxy. This also provides ad-blocking. Clients connected to the WiFi router shouldn't have to configure HTTP proxy server settings, nor should they have access to the computer running the proxy server. This is done via unbridged guest VAP with "client isolation" and "net isolation".

    The idea is the same as OpenVPN client setting, or rather like Matsuri proxy toolchain on Android.

    The only answers I found talked about redirecting port 80 traffic to HTTP proxy via iptables, but that's not what I want. It would also only work for web traffic I believe, since it's just redirecting it to proxy, and not issuing CONNECT requests.

    Specific use case

    So... my phone has mobile data. It is also connected to VPN and uses NextDNS for (not only) ad-blocking. In Termux, I setup tinyproxy and also null-routed access to private IP ranges and CG-NAT: ... #Here I am attempting to null route local IP address ranges by pointing upstream proxy option to as described in tinyproxy.conf man page. #IPv4 localhost Upstream http "" #IPv4 private adresses Upstream http "" Upstream http "" Upstream http "" #IPv4 CG-NAT (I am not sure this helps anything, but it doesn't hurt either) Upstream http "" #IPv4 link-local Upstream http "" #IPv6 localhost Upstream http "::1" #IPv6 Unique Local Addresses Upstream http "fc00::/8" #IPv6 private addresses (excl. ULA) Upstream http "fd00::/8" #IPv6 link-local addresses Upstream http "fe80::/10" This is fine if the phone is accessible to other hosts and setting up proxy on each host isn't a problem. For example, it's useful on a school network. But that's not the case here.


    Forcing all users to use VPN, be subject to my blocking, and provide larger range than phone's hotspot. Fun fact: The first thing can be achieved via hotspot on devices running PixelExperience custom ROM.

    Not so possible solution

    Running OpenVPN server on the phone. DD-WRT already has OpenVPN client. Unfortunately, this would require root, it seems.

    Partial solution

    The partial solution is connecting the router to VPN somewhat directly and also setting it to use NextDNS.

    I was trying to write a guide here, but it was getting unnecessarily long. So just TL;DR: Setting up the router to use OpenVPN but replacing IP and port with phone's desired options, setting up the router to use only NextDNS, connecting phone to both WiFi and mobile data, forcing it to use mobile data for internet, doing port forwarding to the actual OpenVPN server using socat in Termux.

    This has flaws though. I either have to setup split-tunelling for Termux, or end up with VPN-over-VPN if I also want VPN on the phone. Secondly, whatever VPN you're using may only allow limited number of clients per user.

    Other use cases

    Simple internet access in network where only internet access is via HTTP proxy (e.g.: campus network), connection via Tor using its HTTP proxy.

    ____________ If you have any ideas, thanks. If not, still thanks as you read at least a part of this.

    Fatal error

    The files seem to change on each refresh:

    Amazon's Union-busting training video link YouTube link (tracker removed)

    >Please report use of words such as "living wage" to the management

    user224 u/lukmly013 (

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