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France's Macron dissolves parliament, calls new elections
  • Macron’s party lost resoundingly. Le Pen said that this means that Macron’s party no longer has the legitimacy to run the country. Macron is probably trying to minimise his losses by calling elections, instead of having feelings of unhappiness bottle up even further

  • the fastest transition in the west
  • I have a question though:

    If I became a girl through the button, the button would then change and give me a 1% chance of becoming a boy. I could just proceed to then press the button again and be myself again and get a bunch of cash

  • China makes last-ditch charm offensive to avert trade war with EU
  • And not just the EV market. By messing their exchange rates, and stopping unions from forming, they’ve been intentionally depressing wages to stay relevant as a manufacturing hub and to ensure leverage. They’ve essentially been subsidising a bunch of our stuff for a while

  • Customising keyboard layouts Fedora KDE Wayland

    Hey there fellas!

    As stated in the title I'd like to customise my keyboard layout, specifically, swapping the super and the control keys as I am using a mac (fedora asahi remix), and as such, it makes more sense to globally alter this instead of manually creating all the necessary shortcuts

    Monetising spare computers

    Hey! So I have two spare computers, with 7th gen i5s and 16GB of ram. What would be the best way to try and monetise them? I’ve found one or two websites which allow you to rent out your servers essentially as a VPS on a fairly long term way with a decent payout. However I tried sending them an email and got no response. Are there any other such services?

    (The website was this )

    My few remaining gripes with linux

    It's mostly libinput. Why the hell can't I easily change scroll speed on Gnome and not on KDE? Why does gnome have a simple tool (gnome tweaks) to change the trackpad cooldown to change the time trackpad doesn't work as a substitute for good palm rejection and KDE doesn't? Why is it a bit of a pain in both to change trackpad gestures? Why am I hearing again about God damn redesigning the settings placement on most desktop environments.

    Edit: I love both KDE and Gnome, and I think that they're great. But it kinda hurts to see them fail on what seem like relatively simple things

    Trackpad Gestures KDE?

    Im currently on KDE,wayland , on fedora, with libinput how do I change what trackpad gestures do?

    Privacy basics, can anyone help?

    Hello there! Im looking for increased privacy when it comes to my network connections. So far I know of TOR as an almost absolute bastion of security, but how do I ensure the remaining network traffic is encrypted and private? I know of signal for communication, and I’m aware of VPN’s. However I’m not sure whether to trust most providers regarding government interference as their software often isn’t open source. Is there a federated VPN of sorts, similar to how lemmy and other fediverse apps work?

    "Decentralised VPN"-is it bullcrap or not?

    Hey there fellas! My father found this crap online. It immediately triggered my bull crap detectors. Is it actually something worth checking out, or snake oil?

    How do I implement wake up on lan (WoL)?

    I'm running an old server at home, an IBM system x3400 m3, rocking two x5675 intel processors.

    I currently have Windows Pro (NOT Server) installed on it and connected to it remotely through Parsec (opened a port on my router). I've tried using duckDNS to associate my IP with a domain, and got the service running on my server to automatically refresh the IP.

    This server is my primary rig, used for gaming but also to host my family's photos through Plex and backup photos from phones through Resilio file Sync.

    However, the server doesn't have the best power consumption, so I'd like to use WoL to remotely turn it on. I've enabled it in the BIOS, have checked the drivers to enable it, and tried using TeamViewer to use Wake on Lan, but it doesn't seem to work.

    Any suggestions on how to remotely turn it on? (the server also has KVM I think, or at least an apparently useless network port, tho I'm not exactly sure what that does)

    Why are there so many bots all lemmy?

    Most postings on lemmy are simply Reddit “archive” bots. Why is this so prevalent?

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