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Autism and Quantum Mechanics
  • Wasn't it something about the information about the state being recorded?
    It's been a while since I last read up on any of this but I'd be surprised if the double slit experiment for example showed wave behavior just because the results of the detector weren't shown to humans.

  • Gen Z, please talk to me: what management works and what does not?
  • This reminds me of what a relative told us about one of their first days at work. Some HR manager apparently told them that he wishes for everyone present to get into the situation where they'd leave the company at some point. He admitted that he probably shouldn't say something like that as HR person but they're all still young and it's a good thing to broaden their experience and see other companies/company cultures etc.

    Furthermore, when seeing memes and other posts about things like the housing market I'm not surprised that lots of people steer away from being loyal to a company and towards making more money (though that doesn't seem to be the case here based on what I saw from other comments)

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