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Boeing CEO admits company has retaliated against whistleblowers during Senate hearing
  • I mean, if I felt morally obliged to disclose illegal or immoral practices to the public, I'd be sure to run so somewhere they can't get me. If there aren't proper whistleblower protections, you gotta make your own.

  • what's your current linux distro?
  • one of my favorite games unfortunately cannot be run on linux at all, and it's a gacha. I don't want to gamble with my account being banned

    Yeah, let's keep it to one kind of gambling. I like and use opensuse tumbleweed. Rolling release, never had stability problems.

  • community banned people for misinformation on the post complaining about instance banning people for misinformation
  • Dann bin ich, was die aktuelle Gesetzeslage angeht wahrscheinlich nicht mehr auf dem neuesten Stand, und müsste mich da selbst noch mal einlesen. Je nach dem wo die Admins selbst zu Hause sind, steht und fällt die Wahrscheinlichkeit halt sehr, ob das tatsächlich weiterreichen rechtliche Konsequenzen hat, selbst wenn gerichtlich entschieden werden sollte, dass sie strikter gegen solche Aussagen hätten vorgehen müssen.

    Mit dem Argument wollte ich nicht ausdrücken, dass das ok ist, sondern hauptsächlich, dass das impliziert, dass rechtliche Konsequenzen, sollten diese nicht recht arbiträr sein, erstmal unwahrscheinlich erscheinen.

    Ich finde, dass man den Staat Israel und seine Regierung für sein Handeln kritisieren kann, ohne dass das antisemitisch ist. Natürlich werden die meisten Antisemiten auch Israel hassen, aber das macht nicht andersrum jeden Kritiker von Israel zum potentiellen Antisemiten, und so lange diese Kritik logisch fundiert ist, sehe ich auch nicht, wieso dieser Verdacht, wenn es nicht weitere Faktoren gibt, aufkommen sollte. Israel und das jüdisch sein auf diese Art zu vermengen nimmt in meinen Augen zudem Juden die stimme, die der Israelischen Regierung kritisch gegenüber stehen.

    Es ist, denke ich, unstrittig, dass die Art und Weise auf die die Israelische Regierung in den letzten Monaten gehandelt hat, die auch von unabhängigen Medien berichtet wurde, wenn nicht gänzlich, zumindest in Teilen kritikwürdig ist.

  • community banned people for misinformation on the post complaining about instance banning people for misinformation
  • I have read the thread, and sure, there is some sympathy for Hamas that seems questionable, but nothing more extreme than what you're likely to read on most other online platforms. And while there are certainly things being said that I don't agree with, I think that on an intellectual level, it makes sense that mistreating a population leads to people in that population becoming more likely to support extremist causes.

    Also, I assume they're using Hetzner, but I don't see why they wouldn't be able to switch to a different hosting provider in a different region if Hetzner decides to shut them down.

    I am from Germany and I'm really not sure what law you'd apply here anyway. There's the NetzDG, but that, to my knowledge, only applies to platforms that are run with the goal of making a profit, which I don't think applies to most lemmy instances.

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    Pride Month PSA: Y'all really need to knock this off
  • If I do have time for a night out, my friends and I tend to favour queer establishments. Now a considerable portion of them are queer themselves, but considering the behaviour I've seen displayed towards female presenting people in straight clubs and bars, I don't see how I could stand for excluding anyone from a space where they might feel less unsafe.

    Also, I don't walk on eggshells around my straight friends, or any straight people, really, especially not on a night out. There are OK straight people, and there are not-OK queer people. If someone behaves badly in a bar, they should be kicked out regardless of their identity.

  • Harvard Scholars Suggest Pollsters Ask Questions to AI Simulations of Voters Because Real People Won't Answer The Phone
  • If they don't have much data on those people's opinions, how would they check whether the output has anything to do with reality?

  • community banned people for misinformation on the post complaining about instance banning people for misinformation
  • Calling out that bombing a population makes it more likely for people who lost families and homes to radicalise seems sensible. Under the post, there is a lot of criticism of Israel, which in my eyes isn't necessarily antisemitism, which of course doesn't mean that there aren't antisemitic critics of Israel.

    Of course, Israel is allowed to defend itself against attack, but what it has done and is currently doing in Gaza cannot in good faith be called defending itself.

    Regardless of all that, as long as it isn't very clear that there is no effort made to moderate incitement of violence and hate speech, it is rather difficult to hold a platform accountable for the speech of it's users.

  • Dragon Age: The Veilguard's gameplay reveal emphasises just how terminally out of touch EA and BioWare have become
  • Seriously. I really liked Origins and had fun with 2 and Inquisition. If this is great, I'll happily play it. If I don't like it, I won't - I have more backlog than time for games anyway. I don't get what people get so angry about.

  • A fresh install of Signal takes up 410MB, blowing both Firefox and Chromium out of the water
  • I have never worked on a properly hardened desktop app, so I don't have much of a perspective on that, and can definitely see that it might not be worthwhile for the signal team.

    I would appreciate some level of encryption, thinking that it might help with less targeted attacks. I'd also appreciate a Web client, like Threema's with none permanent sessions. But all that's, as you'd say in German, "Meckern auf hohem Niveau", especially since I'm not currently contributing to Signal.

  • A fresh install of Signal takes up 410MB, blowing both Firefox and Chromium out of the water
  • Yes and no. I personally would like to be asked permission for such behaviour, but a gallery application, for example, could have legitimate reasons to index all photos on your system. I personally prefer to manually set the folders it is supposed to index, but that doesn't seem to be a generally accepted paradigm.

    In general, I see why you need to trust that a system your app runs on is uncompromised to a a certain degree, but measures to potentially limit harm in case it is still seem sensible, especially for an app with a focus on privacy and security.

  • A fresh install of Signal takes up 410MB, blowing both Firefox and Chromium out of the water
  • Yes, full disk encryption helps against intruders with device access, but not against the files being indexed by other application. My phone is encrypted, but I still use a signal client that is encrypted again.

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  • Yeah, fuck the KMT. But as you have recognised, they aren't a dictatorship anymore.

    And the status quo is that they are de facto a small independent island nation, that is de jure claiming mainland China.

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  • It was more supposed to be a joke about the second reason being much more significant.

    Edit: I think this was the first time I missed a black on white sarcasm flag. Oh well, it's early in the morning, and there's a first for everything.

  • A fresh install of Signal takes up 410MB, blowing both Firefox and Chromium out of the water
  • For the most part, I don't care about App Size. Storage is cheap. What I miss with the Signal Desktop App is the option to save everything in an encrypted container.

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  • Well, I don't go there for two reasons -

    • Their vegan options don't seem that interesting.
    • They don't seem to have a presence in the continent I'm on.
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  • You have an island governed by a democratically elected government, with a population that from what I remember mostly doesn't want to be assimilated into the PRC. The PRC taking it by force would, in my eyes, be rather imperialistic.

  • Why isn't jerking off more valorized as an easy dopamine hit that's also literally good for you?
  • How many anti-masturbation feminists do you know personally?

  • Patrick Breyer and Pirate Party lose EU Parliament seats
  • Well, shit, there goes my vote.

  • Can't upload images

    Edit: Seems to be working again. Thanks to whomever thanks are due.

    When trying in the app I use, Sync for Lemmy, I get a generic error message after a bit.

    Thought it might be app related so I tried on the Web version, at, where I get the following error message:

    {"data":{"error":"unknown","message":"Request error: error sending request for url (http://pict-rs:8182/image): operation timed out"},"state":"success"}