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Careful what you wish for
  • That's supposed to convince people you're not a braindead enlightened centrist?

    The point of the meme isn't "Hitler literally never said anything good or had any good qualities" you utter fucking cabbage

  • Careful what you wish for
  • Hey now, I've got chronic diarrhea due to autoimmune bullshit and I've shat myself a couple of times in the past few months, and I occasionally have something valuable to say. Granted it's not very often, but still

  • Turning Point USA is promoting drinking raw milk amid bird flu outbreak
  • Next thing you know there will be a conservative free love movement thinly veiled as a way to boost our low birth rates.

    Nah, conservatives seem to really hate consensual sex. It's going to be Gilead and handmaids

  • Reform UK candidates are Facebook ‘friends’ with fascist leader
  • With the candidate in question being Ian Gribbin. Of course he "apologized" for this, which translated from conservative means "I'm sorry I got caught." He's also said that women are the "sponging gender" and should be "deprived of health care" in case there was any doubt about what sort of a person he is.

    Naturally other Reform cockwombles have defended him

  • Are you there, God? It's me, Justice Alito. Inside the movement to make the Supreme Court explicitly Christian.
  • It was only a matter of enough time passing from the horrors of WW II and the Holocaust. We'll likely have to live through unspeakable atrocities again before things can get any better, and with current technology being what it is I'm not sure we'll make it to "the other side" of those atrocities.

  • Turning Point USA is promoting drinking raw milk amid bird flu outbreak
  • With a high likelihood a pandemic is unavoidable considering how widespread eg. H5N1 is in animal populations, and it's just a question of "when" not "if". Not too likely in the next few years but with some forecasters giving ~25% chance in the coming decade – and it'll probably kill a lot of people. Infection fatality rates are hard to predict, but for H5N1 I've seen estimates ranging anywhere from 1 to 80%, with some sources saying 1 – 5% is the most probable, although eg. this paper estimates 14 – 33% and this paper estimates 30 – 80% for the current strains, which would be absolutely catastrophic. IFR should not be confused with the current case fatality rate which is around 50%. Those are just the bad cases that we know of and who end up in hospital, but the real number of infections is probably higher (possibly even in the tens of thousands or more). In any case, even a "low" IFR of 2% would mean the pandemic would be ~10x as deadly as COVID.

    The only good thing about it is that reich-wingers are less likely to get a vaccine, meaning they'll be more likely to die. Also doing idiotic shit like drinking raw milk from infected cows will mean more fatalities. Yes, it increases the chances of a mutation that'll enable sustained human-to-human transmission, but as I said that's probably going to happen sooner or later anyhow.

    Edit: I'll be adding sources as I dig them up from my browser history and notes. And yes, the terms "case fatality rate" and "infection fatality rate" are sometimes used confusingly by different sources, eg. some don't use IFR but talk of the "true" or "real" CFR

  • Are you there, God? It's me, Justice Alito. Inside the movement to make the Supreme Court explicitly Christian.
  • discussing the difficulty of living “peacefully” with ideological opponents in the face of “fundamental” differences that “can’t be compromised.” He endorsed what his interlocutor described as a necessary fight to “return our country to a place of godliness.”

    Proving once again that the end goal of conservatives is genocide. They simply can't fathom coexisting with people who don't think and look exactly like them, and given enough power they will start the mass-scale murder of "the enemy".

    This is also why they're convinced genocide is what "liberals" want to do to them; they can't understand peaceful coexistence without wanting to murder the Other so they assume everybody else is like this as well

  • Over Here
    Yeah, about that…
  • Which part? By definition IQ follows a normal distribution and 100 is set as the mean/median – meaning that 100 is always the average result

    Edit: nevermind I did a stupid, you're correct that it's literally impossible for everybody to have IQ over 100

  • Oracle Java police start knocking on Fortune 200's doors for first time
  • The big problem is rather that a lot of innovation has been absorbed by the big companies via buyouts

    Which ultimately does seem to lead to innovation slowing down. The big players buy out any potential smaller competitors, and very often just outright kill the products / services they inherited in the acquisition.

  • How System Requests Work and How to Add Your Own SysReq
  • Ooo nice, thank you for the tip.

    I wonder where I could get a physical version. Somewhere other than Amazon that is, they do have it but I'd like to avoid them if at all possible because, well, Amazon. I searched Adlibris which is a Nordic online bookstore but they didn't have it, unfortunately.

    I'm a fan of physical books nowadays. I read e-books for a few years but I felt like I didn't remember what I read nearly as well as I do if I read an actual paper book, and apparently there's actually some empirical evidence for this being a wider phenomenon

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