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Choosing a distro is hard nowadays
  • Replace Manjaro for EndeavourOS and it's a fine chart

  • What dotfiles manager do you use?
  • My own intricate system of 4 git repos to manage dotfiles, bash initialization, cli tools/scripts, and system state.

    The last one keeps track of installed packages and "dotfiles" out of the home directory (system config files like /etc/hosts).

  • OSS tools for documenting database schema?
  • I don't have a specific recommendation (I could just give out names of tools that seem to match your needs but I can't really say I've used any), but in your place I'd reconsider your last requirement of "no connection to the DB".

    In my view the best docs are the ones that take the least effort to keep up-to-date. Consider a tool that's able to dynamically list and extract schemas from your existing tables and generate a nice HTML or diagram that can be used as a quick and up-to-date reference. That will require little or zero maintenance compared to a manual diagramming tool. So I'd start looking there.

    Depending on the project and usage I'd also consider exposing the database through an API. This makes documentation much easier too, as there are tools to auto generate API docs and you'll decouple your DB schema + access from its usage, which has its own benefits.

  • Deleted
    *Permanently Deleted*
  • Is there a web archive equivalent to github repos? At least for the most popular ones.

    I know there are hard copies in Svalbard's seed vault, but they're more for a one-in-thousands-of-years post-apocalyptic scenarios than this.

  • Which is one conspiracy theory that you think/believe may have some verity to it?
  • Without knowing the "higher" reality, I'd still call it a simulation. An emulator is capable of replacing the "real" system it's emulating. Maybe that's your view on the topic, but I find it more likely the higher reality is more complex than ours because it contains ours. Therefore our reality could not be an emulation. Lots of speculation though.

  • Sacrifices are required for high grades
  • typical Stephen

  • If you exclusively use vertical tabs (either with CSS or another way), how is it? Did you miss horizontal tabs at all?
  • I don't miss it. I use collapsible vertical tabs in Firefox with Sidebery + custom userChrome.css like this (the flickering only happens in the screen capture :/).

  • if you were going to die tomorrow and only you knew what would you do?
  • duh

    that assumes you already have a credit line, as one should.

  • if you were going to die tomorrow and only you knew what would you do?
  • you would do Donnie Darko? No judgement, that's understandable

  • if you were going to die tomorrow and only you knew what would you do?
  • we don't need money, just credit. It's not like we'll need to pay it off.

  • HDD or SSD?
  • if you need less than 4TB just get a solid state

  • What's your spirit animal?
  • the body is round

  • Google Maps has become an eyesore. 5 examples of how the app has lost its way
  • Firefox with uBlock Origin makes mobile usable, but I don't know how people use other browsers that don't allow extensions.

  • Brother printer questions
  • I got the HL-L2325DW last year. Connecting it to the WiFi using WPS was really easy. Making the desktop see it was a bit of trial and error, but it was partially thanks to the PDF viewer I was using, so I'd recommend printing from a well established viewer like Okular or the web browser, at least for the first use.

    I don't remember having to download any drivers manually from their website btw, I just chose it from the list when setting up a new printer. This process might change with the distro and desktop environment though, I'm using Kubuntu.

    In fact, if you're a bit lucky, the printer might even show up as a "discovered device" after you connect it to your network, even with a suggested driver and connection so you just need to press next.

  • What is an item below 100 bucks that everyone should own?
  • I too genuinely wonder how I managed without carrying my fleshlight with me.

  • Reddit manned_meatball
    Delete all your Reddit content

    Just sharing here how I deleted all content from my 30k+ karma account. It's an easy to use, open source, and private way to do it, check out PowerDeleteSuite.

    No need to install anything, just bookmark the JS script and run it. This tool was posted here almost 3 weeks ago, but I thought of enforcing it, with the great blackout approaching. The best thing about PDS is that it should remain working since it doesn't use the API.

    PDS is able to export your comments, but to export saved items you might want to check Rexport - this one uses the API however, so maybe run it in within the next hours.

    I hate having to do this, but Reddit doesn't deserve the community it has.

    For those using docker compose, how do you manage your stacks?

    I've been using Portainer to manage my homelab stacks from a single dashboard, which is more convenient than the CLI, but I'm not very satisfied with it so I've been looking for alternatives.

    Portainer often fails to deploy them and is either silent about it, or doesn't give me much information to work with. The main convenience is that (when it works) it automatically pulls the updated docker compose files from my repo and deploys it without any action on my part.

    Docker Swarm and Kubernetes seem to be the next ones in line. I have some experience with K8s so I know it can be complex, but I hope it's a complexity most paid upfront when setting everything up rather than being complicated to maintain.

    Do you have any experience with either one of these, or perhaps another way to orchestrate these services?

    Lemmy's equivalent to Reddit's card view

    Lemming greetings,

    I like to mainly scroll rather than click on posts to read them. Is there an equivalent to Reddit's card view that features images and text in the main feed so we don't (necessarily) have to open all posts we want to read?

    Jerboa has a card view for mobile, but do we have something like this for desktop?

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