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Israel says Hamas weaponised rape. Does the evidence add up?
  • A leaked draft of the UNRWA report detailed an interview that gave a similar account. It cited a 41-year-old detainee who said that interrogators “made me sit on something like a hot metal stick and it felt like fire,” and also said that another detainee “died after they put the electric stick up” his anus.

    I hope you ban the people reporting misinformation for false reports.

  • Humane is said to be seeking a $1 billion buyout after only 10,000 orders of its terrible AI Pin
  • I don’t see how the AI assistant won’t eventually just end up on the smartphone. And, given that it’s not always appropriate to talk out loud to your phone, being able to use it with a screen makes it the perfect device for it.

  • Over 1 million new users and over 600 new servers added in one month across the fediverse.
  • Niche is like “heatpumps” or “succulents” or just any random topic that you want to learn more about.

    For me, Reddit was always invaluable for getting initial information on anything I needed to check out for the first time.

  • Employees Who Stay In Companies Longer Than Two Years Get Paid 50% Less
  • There are definitely reasons not to change jobs constantly. It kind of depends on industry.

    Finding a new job might mean you need to relocate, which is inconvenient and becomes harder if you own a home or have a family.

    There is also always a risk that the new company’s culture or your new boss are bad. It’s not something you can really know for sure until you switch, but if they aren’t good, it might not be worth the extra money.

    It also takes time to ramp up and figure out the way things work. Being new in a job kinda sucks for a lot of reasons.

    Your current job might offer something that is hard to find elsewhere like flexibility to work remotely when you want, or free food, or a good 401k match.

    Some benefits take time to accrue and starting over at a new company might mean starting over on benefits accrual. For example, some companies increase vacation days based on years of service. Same goes for other things like percentage of 401k match. You might also miss out on claiming the full 401k match that you’ve earned at your current job if you leave early depending on vesting schedules.

    Some companies have better job security than others. A new company might pay more, but also do regular layoffs. If your current company is fairly stable, it might not be worth it to move to one that does more layoffs.

    Your current employer might pay close to top of market already. It could be hard to find another employer that actually would pay you more, and even if they could, it might not be worth the little extra for all of the other above cited risks of changing jobs.

  • Who killed Danny Casolaro?

    Anyone recently watch the docuseries American Conspiracy about The Octopus Murders on Netflix? Any theories on who killed Danny Casolaro or any interesting information on some of his connections? I had never heard of the case before but, my god it’s like a rabbit hole that pulls you in.

    What makes the average Lemmy user smarter than the rest of the population?

    I’m always surprised by the quality of comments on Lemmy and the analysis provided, often by experts in their field. It gives a sense that the average Lemmy user is a lot smarter than the average member of the public.

    Also, when it comes to politics, I think the average Lemmy user is pretty perceptive of what real power dynamics are at play and what interests society should be looking to promote.

    It's been a pleasure to be on this platform with you all. Where do you all come from? And why is it so hard to find people like you in the real world?

    Anyone shop on Temu? What are your best finds?

    There can be a lot of junk on Temu admittedly, but it’s kind of fun to find a few deals.

    Found a pair of Leatherman Raptor shears ($99 USD) for $12

    Also found a Benchmade Follow Up Fixed Blade ($120 USD) for $16

    Bought a drone for $15. It’s not high quality, but it’s a drone, for $15. Fun to mess around and learn with.

    Anyone else find some deals? Or, got another suggestion besides Temu?

    All the essentials
    • Otis Club 100
    • Titanium Tweezer
    • Air Island Metal Comb
    • Mr. Green Ultra Thin Nail Clipper
    • Elephant Wallet P Wallet
    • Fisher Space Pen
    • Leatherman Wave
    • Keysmart Vegan Leather AirTag Compact Keyholder
    • Olight I1R 2 Pro Eos
    • Stainless steel rattlesnake clip
    • iPhone 14 Pro
    • Apple Watch
    • AirPods Pro

    My favorite part is the way my grooming kit and pen fit into my minimalist wallet. Always handy to have a nail clipper, comb, and pen in your back pocket taking up as little space as few credit cards.

    Cannot scroll past videos

    Other kinds of posts in the feed are sensitive to actions to scroll, but videos are not scroll sensitive, so you can end up having difficulty getting past them.

    why do people register new communities and then not post content on them?

    I see lots of communities with hundreds of subscribers, but no posts. What is with that? If you’re going to register a community, at least help it get going. Post some content regularly, until it becomes self-sustaining. It’s disappointing to open a community with hundreds of subscribers and not a single post.

    How will lemmy scale?

    I already get rate-limited like crazy on lemmy and there are only like 60,000 users on my instance. Is each instance really just one server or are there multiple containers running across several hosts? I’m concerned that federation will mean an inconsistent user experience. Some instances many be beefy, others will be under resourced… so the average person might think Lemmy overall is slow or error-prone.

    Reddit has millions of users. How the hell is this going to scale? Does anyone have any information about Lemmy’s DB and architecture?

    I found this post about Reddit’s DB from 2012. Not sure if Lemmy has a similar approach to ensure speed and reliability as the user base and traffic grows.

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