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Get rid of landlords...
  • Why are you so horny to paint a brush that all landlords are evil and "eat the rich"?

    What I'm horny for is understanding that situations may be complex and idiots willing to espouse a novel are probably the ones that might have the issue lol

    Edit - and it wasn't her house ya dillhole but of course that would involve actual willingness to understand the situation. She moved in prior to me buying the house.

  • Get rid of landlords...
  • Tell that to the Legion of frothing idiots online. Yes, I am a landlord in everyone's eyes.

  • Get rid of landlords...
  • I rent out my basement at well under market value to an older lady that was in the house when I bought it.

    I understand the post was made as a generalization but some landlords aren't bad and some situations are better than the alternatives.

    Would you rather I kick out my tenant and god knows where she would live or maybe she becomes homeless?

  • What would dinosaur meat taste like?
  • I'd also include it's consistent with alligator. Tastes like chicken but the texture is chewier

  • Parents of lemmy, at what age did/would you give a smartphone to your kids ?
  • 3 kids. 13, 11 and 11 now. 10 years old was what my ex and I did with data plans coming a year after that.

    Phone is like any other tool. It is my job as a parent to teach my children the proper way to use it.

  • What are the most mindblowingly creative, inventive, or otherwise otherworldly albums you know of?
  • Love me some Del.

    Now you got me listening to Mistadobalina

    Also for anyone interested check out Hieroglyphics they're amazing.

  • sIGmA BeHaiovouR
  • It's amazing the amount of "developers" that aren't aware that semantic versioning is a thing.

  • Tesla pushes for $56bn pay deal for Elon Musk
  • They should ship him back to SA so they can put a tyre around his head and light it.

  • Matchmaker
  • She got that Innsmouth look going on

  • Israeli academics slammed for signing letter accusing Israel of ‘plausible genocide’
  • I've said this before on Lemmy but my honest opinion is many Jewish people have not healed from The Holocaust.

    It's well proven that hurt people hurt people.

    I humbly submit the nation of Israel is committing genocide because deep down they are still profoundly hurting from WW2 and rightly so.

    I mean let's be real, the western world very much had a "fuck Jews" attitude up until and after the results of The Holocaust. Canada turned Jews away. America turned Jews away. UK turned Jews away.

    They have every goddamn right to be angry.

    Hurt people hurt people.

  • Autism LPT: How to get out of a call when you want
  • Good guy Skeletor.

  • Never beating the "never seen a woman before" allegations.
  • Serious Frank Frazetts vibes

  • Suicide is on the rise for young Americans, with no clear answers
  • That's how you know that no one important is invested in finding a solution.

  • Canada to allow some first-time home buyers to pay off mortgage in 30 years
  • I bought at the peak for 750k and done close to jack shit and could sell for 1million. Bring on the fucking crash already.

    It's not going to though. Too many factors driving the price up which the government is not addressing.

  • Canada's AAA Credit Rating at Risk From Deeper Deficit, RBC Says
  • We ain't at risk for shit. I'd be genuinely jaw dropped if we fell below anything but AAA.

  • Just finished binging the Fallout show, would recommend
  • What does the brotherhood steal? 🤣

  • Rich Americans are getting second passports, citing risk of instability
  • I'm sure of my 200 new Indian coworkers at least one of them came here from America right? Right?

  • Tenth consecutive monthly heat record alarms and confounds climate scientists
  • More nefarious than that IMHO. The science community works on consensus.

    So when we say temperature will rise by 2.5 degrees and we are fucked That's the number they all agreed on.

    99% of scientists may agree that a 1 degree rise means we are fucked. The 1% says 3 degrees. So if big business or shit government gets to that 1% they can control the narrative around what is socialized.

    I'm a child of the 70's. Scientists have been ringing the warning bell for decades. Look at how ocean acidification is swept under the rug in all climate discussions. Scientists know it's a huge problem and has been since at least the 80's but do ALL scientists agree we are fucked?

    If I was a scientist I'd be so damn jaded at the state of the world.

    At least we can all be happy we are helping people get rich. Thats what is important after all.

  • Liurnia Tower Bridge you can see the DLC veil

    Anyone else notice this? Also if you look out into the water where the DLC supposedly is to be you'll notice everything is "pulled in" and closer than it should be. Caelid tower is way too close.

    This all fits because you need to invert the tower and there's so much reference to the DLC in the Carian Study Hall

    Am I alone loving this?

    There's something I just love about big cities that have little pockets where the bones are exposed a bit more.

    How many KM/Miles you run this week?

    I'm up to 19km. Going to push it over 20km tomorrow morning I think.

    Game Threads and possible integration with Swish App?

    For any android users like myself you may have been using Swish which was made by a reddit user but since the API bullshit the app still works for games but there's no live/post game thread access. I just submitted a request to see if we can get it integrated with Lemmy :)

    Anyone got any m3u8 streams?

    Looking to watch some raptors or anyone else

    ysk - your account doesn't exist on other instances and communities don't overlap

    User accounts are fragmented and just because you signed on at doesn't mean your account exists on

    Communities are fragmented and /c/games on is completely different than the one on with its own users, set of posts, etc.

    Lemmy does not currently allow for instance or user migration.

    Nor does it allow for shared communities (ie the aforementioned /c/games is unified across multiple instances)

    We are in the early days. If you're eager feel free to join in the development on these any many other core issues. There's real potential here.

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