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Switching from win 11

After convincing my employer to move away from MS office I can finally make the permanent switch away from windows.

I settled on pop_os for now since it supports hybrid Nvidia graphics out of the box and I am a noob.

Two questions:

  1. I used OneDrive, and especially the file on-demand (all files on server visible in explorer but only downloaded when needed) feature a lot. What cloud storage provider has the best Linux integration? I dabbled with NeXtCloUD but the Linux client is not great, especially the file on-demand implementation.

  2. What are best practices for managing apps? The last time I entertained the idea of switching, I ended up with applications installed from the snap store, flatpacks, some appimages, some through apt. It quickly gets confusing for me when I want a specific program but it, f.ex., is only distributed through the snap store. Is there a GUI (I know) way to see all applications, where they're installed from, with an easy remove button? Akin to what windows offers?

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