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Great deal ngl
  • Welp, tried to delete my account and fuck off from this place due to that knowledge, but apparently account deletion doesnt work. so I'm just fuckin off.

    Thanks for the info, made the decision easier.

  • Great deal ngl
  • wanna-be-edgy teenager who unironically wears Che Guevara t-shirts, mostly.

    Also the kind that say anything western is the devil, and anything Russian and/or Chinese is the great saviour/perfection/whatever other bullshit.

  • What's the most expensive lesson you've learned?
  • sounds like you have a shitheal scumbag solicitor for that.

    and I would have told him to take the bill and shove it up his ass, if he could find room with his head taking up most the real-estate.

  • What's the most expensive lesson you've learned?
  • thats when you take a fraction of the money you would have paid him, and buy security cameras for your house. High quality security cameras, with night vision.

    Then contact a lawyer for damages to undo what he did.

  • What's the most expensive lesson you've learned?
  • never go into business with anyone you know, especially family, without 1) An iron clad contract explicitly stating powers, ownership, and responsibilities and 2) being able to walk away from your entire goddamn fucking family.

  • No Longer About Kids: Florida Judge Allows Trans Adult Ban For Large Swaths Of Care
  • Yes, because someone that calls for death to nazi's obviously is a holocaust denier.

    Classic tankie logic right there, folks. now quickly run back to hexbear and lemmygrad and cry some more so more of your cohorts come and spew laughable stupidity.

  • Nutella
  • its also a weirdly popular product, meaning its even less likely to end up in the dumpster.

    All of which just further proves how fucking stupid a comment @I_Has_A_Hat made was.

    They may have a hat, but they clearly don't have anything that matters underneath it.

  • What is the one most astonishingly dumb things that, as a child, you believed was absolute truth?

    I dont remember the age, but it was before Kindergarten, thought men came into the house at night to load the next days shows into the TV.

    AMDRewards has started distributing their Starfield Premium keys.

    Has anyone got theirs from their GPU/CPU purchase?

    I got mine this morning but it doesnt indicate that its premium anywhere on stream, and says that the unlock date is the 6th despite being the Premium Edition. Anyone else seeing that?

    GN spends the first segment of their GN News to responding to Linus's comments, and reveals that Linus mislead people on the Billet compensation.

    According to Billet themselves, they heard nothing about compensation or payback until about 3 hours after the original GN video went live.. Which Billet hadnt even replied to before Linus made his post saying they've already made the deal on compensation.

    Alternative to -vgui argument to make steam run in old mode?

    apparently -vgui doesnt work anymore, Just launches me into new steam, but half broken. and pure new steam runs like crap, and its ugly to boot.

    yes I've already tried toggling Smooth Scroll/GPU & Hardware acceleration, etc, etc. Doesnt change a thing.

    So I dont suppose anyone knows of anything like vgui that'll make steam not use this horrible mobile app looking new version?

    Gilchrist email not triggering Stout dialog..Any work arounds?

    Doin a quick playthrough before Phantom Liberty comes out, and trying to do some things I've never done before.. Like work with Stout.

    I've done everything Stout wise (Didnt decrypt the cred chip, Paid with it, Killed Royce, etc) found Gilchrists email in the Maelstrom base, and according what I know.. When you click on the email, its supposed to trigger a convo between V and Jackie about what LoA means.. but It doesnt trigger.

    and when I go through the rest of the base and kill Royce (yes, I make sure hes dead, not unconcious), Stouts there waiting for me.. but I have no option to tell her about the email.

    I've reloaded multiple times at various stages of the mission, and have even rerun the entire mission 3 times.. but I just cant get the Gilchrist email conversation to activate.

    anyone know of a workaround? Its surprisingly hard to search for solutions since any internet search containing Gilchrist just brings up stuff about how to to side with him, and nothing about the mail.

    Thank you.


    I just read something about only Nomad life path can tell Meredith about the mole from finding the email.. Is this true?

    Cause I'm gonna feel real dumb and angry if I wasted an entire evening trying to do this, to find out that I am on the wrong life path to be able to read an email and tell Stout about it.

    Lightstrike Optical Switch replacements availability/source?

    Does anyone know where, or even if, I can acquire replacement Lightstrike Optical Switches?

    I've scoured the internet, and any search that contains lightstrike basically either takes me directly back to Bloody's website, or to Bloody's whole keyboard products in general, with no source on the switches themselves.

    I've tried to contact Bloody themselves, to see if I can just buy the switches from them, since.. while my keyboard is made by them, it was made for another company, and its many years old at this point, so I don't expect anything like warranty. . Unfortunately every time i've tried to contact them, their website shits itself and doesnt allow me to send any message or ask any questions.

    They are not electrical switches like pretty much everything else. The emitter and receiver are mounted to the keyboard, and the "switches" are just interrupts to that. so I cant just drop a something like a Cherry Green in or anything.

    I've got one broken switch, that I moved to a key I dont use, but its got me worried for the future of my favorite keyboard, and I desperately want to find a source of replacement switches somewhere without having to by a whole Bloody keyboard (pun intended:p) .. Which is why I turn to you fine Gentlepeople here, as my last hope.

    Do any of you know of any place to purchase these switches?

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