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Israeli soldiers who drove with wounded Palestinian tied to their vehicle 'violated orders', military says
  • Ok my personal take on this war is:

    I do not judge. I don't what I would I do in their situation.

    I do not support the way they handle the war, especially since they have shown that they could handle it better.

    In this specific case we are taking about this is sth. You should not do. However there were no war where not sth. similar happened. When people fight to the death the worst in them begin to surface.

  • Introducing a new RISC-V Mainboard from DeepComputing |
  • RIEC-V is as far as I know very new as a processor.

    This means most of your software that works on Linux, Windows, Mac, Android or anything similar doesn't do so on the new processor.

    This means you need developer who will port it or write new software for it. While crosscompiling is possible it is usually easier to have real hardware to test on. Not even to write the software on that device. You still can write it on your x86-64 pc and then either compile it on the RISC-V pc or crosscompile and test it only on the RISC-V pc.

    For people who want to do this,it is targeted I think.

    Tech enthusiasts who like new stuff.

  • This company is the laughing stock of gaming right now
  • I mean depending on your gaming style it might be cheaper.

    If you play a game for a few hours and then buy the next new shiny 3A game then the game pass is cheaper.

    If you buy one game and then send thousands of hours into it then obviously it is not cheap

  • Introducing a new RISC-V Mainboard from DeepComputing |
  • I think it specifically is targeted at RISC-V developers. So don't buy it for your android development.

    It is a development hardware that is in its early steps and you can join on the ride if you so desire to do.

  • Chatkontrolle Rat soll Chatkontrolle durchwinken - Werde jetzt aktiv!

    [Ergänzung: Abstimmung jetzt erst am Donnerstag. Weiter Druck machen!] Der belgische Vorsitz im Rat der EU will die Chatkontrolle am Mittwoch den 19. Donnerstag den 20. Juni abstimmen lassen. Damit bestätigen sich die Befürchtungen: die Verfechter der Chatkontrolle wollen ausnutzen, dass es nach

    Rat soll Chatkontrolle durchwinken - Werde jetzt aktiv!
    What do you think about this post on reddit?

    The reddit comments are already locked.

    This looks like either a scam or a naive person to me. What do you think?

    Where is everyone

    I just wanted to check in where the community went.

    I mean even on the reddit info there is the old link to the which doesn't exist anymore.

    Next he summoned a lemon
  • Well in German you call a demon a Dämon. However the ä is also spelled as ae if the keyboard doesn't have the letter. So basically daemon is German dämon. And I pronounce it like that.

  • Quad9 DNS blocks

    Since a few days/weeks I couldn't get images from when I was using my WiFi with pihole. The reason was that the default DNS Quad9 (filtered) was blocking it.

    It took me a while to figure out how pihole actually sets the DNS.

    So in the Web you go to settings and then to DNS and then tick in for example Google.

    [Help] Iscsi setup question

    I have found those options for setting up iscsi, but since I am new to nixos (started yesterday) I don't have any idea how to configure the configuration.nix file to setup iscsi.

    I already installed open-iscsi but it doesn't work on nixos it seems


    Well let's see if it is worth it or if I go back to debian.

    Looking for a 4k tv without smart functions

    Hey do anybody know where you get a tv that supports 4k and does not have that locked up smarttv shit?

    If there are none, does anybody know a tv that boots fast(less than 30 seconds) and displays an hdmi input by default without the need to choose the input from a menu.

    Thanks in advance.

    And sorry if I am in the wrong place.

    Crash on old

    If you go to all and then sort by old the app crashes if you scroll down too much. I think around 2021. My isntance is


    My first post here after watching the community daily and never post anything for months

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