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Ah, Yes! AI Will Surely Save Us All!
  • Yes and no.

    In a civilized country you could still engage with your hobbies and/or passion while working for a minimum wage.

    But yes it is worse that those who loved their job now are working for free or not at all.

    And even in Europe the conditions are worsening. The gap between rich and poor is increasing until the rich own everything.

  • Windows vs Linux
  • There is a youtube video about how even with the "best" anti cheat valorant has a huge cheating community. They are using ardruinos and secondary pcs to ai recognise the other players and simulate a mouse input via usb. (this is the high end cheating with a high cost) and even simple anti recoil scripts are possible without extra hardware.


  • Buyers Are Avoiding Teslas Because Elon Musk Has Become So Toxic
  • As far as I know those systems are intended to be used either by second monitor in the back or only if the car is standing still.

    When you have your lovely family time in the daily traffic jam. Or when you had to sell your TV and now go into your car to watch. /s

    I personally think the idea on itself is stupid. However in China they are a step ahead and have even more of that shit. The point is that in china you won't have much space in your flat in the big cities so you can move into your car because there is more space /s

    The price of those cars with that stuff is starting at about 100k€ and only going up.

    No normal human being is intented to buy these.

  • Ah, Yes! AI Will Surely Save Us All!
  • Well cooperations usually just pay enough that the job gets done.

    Meaning before we had underpaid artists that did it because they love their work and accepted inhumane wages and now they are replaced by even cheaper AI.

  • Why is Windows "PC"?
  • There is exactly one arm like "pc" out there that isn't using arm but an open source processor. And it can run almost anything an arm pc can.

    Also my RaspberryPi is a pc in my opinion.

  • fossil fuels
    fossil fuels
  • How much do you think it will change, if people really do the minimum consumption within their possibilities?

    And how much will it change, including people's habits, if you make laws that force companies to consider their co2 output as a problem?

    1. About maybe at max 20 - 30% probably much less.

    2. Probably about 60 - 90%.

  • [Help] Iscsi setup question

    I have found those options for setting up iscsi, but since I am new to nixos (started yesterday) I don't have any idea how to configure the configuration.nix file to setup iscsi.

    I already installed open-iscsi but it doesn't work on nixos it seems


    Well let's see if it is worth it or if I go back to debian.

    Looking for a 4k tv without smart functions

    Hey do anybody know where you get a tv that supports 4k and does not have that locked up smarttv shit?

    If there are none, does anybody know a tv that boots fast(less than 30 seconds) and displays an hdmi input by default without the need to choose the input from a menu.

    Thanks in advance.

    And sorry if I am in the wrong place.

    Crash on old

    If you go to all and then sort by old the app crashes if you scroll down too much. I think around 2021. My isntance is


    My first post here after watching the community daily and never post anything for months

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