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BREAKING NEWS: EU Commission announces preliminary tariffs up to 38% on Chinese EVs
  • so:

    • car dealers don't want to sell EVs, you need to push them otherwise they'll try to sell an ICE model
    • car makers have collectively decided that EV = luxury vehicle that must be sold at least for 45k
    • car makers don't really want to make EVs - when the government they introduce a tax subsidy, they increase the price by that exact amount (VW Up for example, they decided that it could be never to sold 5k over the ICE model - when the government increased the subsidy, VW increased the price, and when the subsidy rose to 13k they discontinued the model as it would cannibalize sales of other models)
    • charge point operators just want to get the european funds to install chargers, but then they're going to neglect any kind of maintenance, to the point that for enelx fast chargers it's the norm to find them broken or out of service and the exception when they work as intended.
    • charge point operators also don't really want to sell electricity, so they set a 2000% markup. Paying electricity for 1 euro per kwh it's like paying gas at 3 euro per liter
    • charge point operators have collectively decided that in order to pay for the charge, customers must use the most user-unfriendly process as possible. Can't just accept credit card at the POS with lower fees, no, must register on the proprietary app, search for the charger on the map that almost always requires google play services, find it, guess which of the 8 pins on the map is the right one, hope that unlocks, and so on.

    it's almost a miracle that you can see people driving an EV in italy

  • FOSS Firewalls (for Windows)?
  • Complete alternative to windows firewall or a nice GUI for that?

    Nicer GUI there's

    Full firewall I think you would need to run openwrt or opnsense in a VM in hyperv set to run automatically in background at boot

  • Arm warns of actively exploited flaw in Mali GPU kernel drivers
  • I wish phones had a standard bootloader that allows to run a standard os that doesn't require custom images

    "Apt get" and you get patched forever instead of having to buy a new phone every few years or placing all the trust on the stranger that compiles the image of your custom ROM

  • How an Israeli raid freed 4 hostages and killed scores of Palestinians in Gaza
  • I can guarantee we will be hearing more about it.

    Huh? Ratios of 300 innocents per 1 terrorists killed are now the norm and we are definitely not hearing more about. It gets buried by the next "accident" where by "accident" destroy a hospital/school/refugee camp full of people

  • Recommend a server-side email classifier
  • Yes but in this case it's something that parses stuff received from internet, not a calculator or a sudoku app. There's a tiny chance that a specially crafted email could be exploited. It's very unlikely that it would be explicitly targeted as it's a niche app that now gets less than a download a day, but still IMHO it's dangerous.

    On the fdroid community I once recommended to everyone a 100% offline app that generated generic images for contacts without pictures and because it was abandoned in 2018 I was downvoted by many who would say "what if an attacker with some top tier social engineering skill persuaded you to use a specially crafted exploited image as a contact picture on your phone, then when you used this app to parse existing picture, the 6 years old image library would be exploited and your phone hacked??" - something that has the same probability of "what if the same day you found on the ground a winning lottery ticket a meteorite hits the ground, bounces back all the stairs and hits you while waiting the subway pushing you on an incoming train?"

  • Self hosted cloud with mac app that can sync and filestream (similar to google drive)
  • I wonder if finally would be possible to have decent SMB browsing speeds when there are thousands of directories on a non-apple SMB server, as the system file browser checks all the subdirectories for resource forks.

    At work the guy that insisted for a Mac takes 3+ minutes to load the main share with 10k directory, while on windows/Linux is instant.

  • Self hosted cloud with mac app that can sync and filestream (similar to google drive)
  • Syncthing copies the whole directory content, not just what you need.

    OP is asking probably because of the outrageous apple SSD prices. For reference, swapping the 256gb SSD on the $700 Mac mini with a 2tb one costs $1000. And it's soldered on the motherboard so you have to decide when you buy it.

    Because drive and RAM size on apple computers is simply unaffordable (even in 2014 buying 1,75tb of solid storage would have costed less than this!), many users need to be conscious on what to locally save on the drive.

    It's probably to push users to iCloud as it's optimized to keep everything online and occupy as less space as possible

  • Windows just changed my desktop wallpaper and re-added the search bar without my permission after an update
  • Maybe it's a regional thing. After all the function primary purpose is to serve ads (sponsored content) and drive visits to bing, so there's a chance that this malware-like behavior is enabled only in specific countries that drive more ad revenue

  • Windows just changed my desktop wallpaper and re-added the search bar without my permission after an update
  • maybe you need to try again.


    1. install any windows 10 version released before october 2023
    2. disable the search bar
    3. install KB5015684 (or wait 2-3 days for it install automatically)
    4. windows has added back the search bar "for your convenience"
  • Microsoft's Recall Feature Is Even More Hackable Than You Thought
  • AI taking more jobs.

    Now you just need a execute single PowerShell line to upload the whole history to the attacker, no need to hire skilled hackers to code custom malware or infostealers.

    What those malware devs are going to do now that ai replaced them?

  • Google can keep your phone if you send it in for repair with non-OEM parts Google can keep your phone if you send it in for repair with non-OEM parts

    In its services and repair terms and conditions, Google says it will keep devices sent in for repair if they have a non-OEM part.

    Google can keep your phone if you send it in for repair with non-OEM parts

    "please don't buy our phones"

    Washing machine chime scandal shows how absurd YouTube copyright abuse can get Washing machine chime scandal shows how absurd YouTube copyright abuse can get

    Samsung's catchy end-of-cycle jingle gets caught up in YouTube copyright drama.

    Washing machine chime scandal shows how absurd YouTube copyright abuse can get

    TL;DR: for a whole decade YouTube allowed a copyright troll to claim all the rights on a recording of a washing machine end cycle chime

    The account of the copyright troll is still standing and it's not permanently banned

    IMHO in this case YouTube should permanently ban at the first offense any copyright troll that maliciously claim as their property something that's in the public domain

    Also: if it wasn't that it affected a big streamer with lots of followers, YouTube would have ignored the problem

    Let's pay millions to train a model on memes and sarcastic posts, WCGW?

    Google artificial "intelligence" suggested to add glue to let cheese stick to the pizza, because a decade ago user fucksmith on reddit said so

    Did tiktok change something?

    I have friends that send me tiktok links via whatsapp and then they ask questions about it like "what do you think, scam or not". I used to open them with cookies rejected in ddg browser but now it pretends to freeze after 4 seconds of play, then it says that i must open it in the app and replaces the "play" button with a fake button that leads to google play.

    I assume that there's no way to watch it anymore without an account and without the app, right?

    Syncthing saved my ass

    Note for Americans: here WhatsApp is the de facto communication standard. Literally nobody uses SMS/iMessage/Facebook messenger/signal. And carriers still charge 2 euro for a MMS which completely kills iMessage/RCS (if accidentally send MMS, it's expensive)

    I switched phones and instead of copying manually /Android/data/media/com.whatsapp I used the new feature of pairing via qr code.

    Besides that's a not very well designed feature (you need to start transfer on the old phone before logging in the new phone) because they really want to store unencrypted backups on Google drive, the transfer completed in a short time.

    Maybe too fast, I was expecting at least one hour to transfer the 5000 photos 10gb, instead it completed in 20 seconds.

    So I told myself, ok photos not transferred, I'll just do that manually and directly put them in the photo archive on my PC rather than keep them mixed with all the "happy holidays" trash.

    I browse the old phone to /Android/data/media/com.whatsapp and... It's empty. Wiped clean after the "successful" transfer process!

    Luckily I had set syncthing (the fork on fdroid, the one on play store doesn't have access to whole storage) to have a full overnight backup! On my PC I still had all the photos, almost deleted too as I noticed that I didn't set the "trash can" option

    Conclusion: go to download syncthing fork from fdroid and have a safety net from mistakes like this

    Dating site clearly states on ToS that all the hot girls nearby you are bots

    And of course they want a credit card on file for "age verification" 😉 or they won't let you chat with the bots

    Someone purchased the old domain of a FOSS app, then it's using it to deceive users to download adware

    One of those two sites is distributing adware. Which of them?

    File Converter (FOSS) by Adrien Allard was hosted on file-converter[.]org since a decade. Then someone a few weeks ago snatched that domain and it's now distributing adware. Almost identical design for the page, 100% designed to deceive users to download a different product, as it's called Zamzar.

    Batteries in a disposable lip gloss dispenser

    And the label doesn't say anything about it, doesn't have the "don't throw in the trash" logo.

    Those LEDs are glued in, there's no way to remove batteries before discarding the item

    Google Cloud accidentally deletes a financial institution account due to ‘unprecedented misconfiguration’ Google Cloud accidentally deletes UniSuper’s online account due to ‘unprecedented misconfiguration’

    Super fund boss and Google Cloud global CEO issue joint statement apologising for ‘extremely frustrating and disappointing’ outage

    Google Cloud accidentally deletes UniSuper’s online account due to ‘unprecedented misconfiguration’

    A week of downtime and all the servers were recovered only because the customer had a proper disaster recovery protocol and held backups somewhere else, otherwise Google deleted the backups too

    Google cloud ceo says "it won't happen anymore", it's insane that there's the possibility of "instant delete everything"

    Make your contacts less anonymous with Micopi

    I turned on my old HTC espresso after a decade and I remembered that I loved this app.

    It creates an unique profile image for contacts without a profile picture

    So now when you open the contact list instead of having a list of capital letters in a circle you have a list of capital letters in a more colorful circle

    Unfortunately it's now outdated and discontinued, but it still works on Android 14.

    Seems like some asshole took the source code and republished the app as is, without credit, in the Amazon app store to get some financial incentive (around 2014 blackberry paid devs to republish their apps and many assholes decided that it was a good idea to "steal" open source apps)

    After this, dev took development private but then got tired of the update treadmill that Google forces on the play store, so the apps were automatically delisted.

    Luckily, fdroid doesn't have such artificial limitations on outdated apps that still work as intended.

    Ondsel without registration?

    I hate registering to websites. Especially when it's just to download FOSS.

    It looks like there's no way to download Ondsel without registering?

    I decided that I will update the nextcloud (windows) desktop client once or twice a decade

    I've enough.

    Last year the automatic updater was rebooting windows without any warning after the uac prompt. The problem continued for months before being fixed

    This year I got an update a week. Very annoying to get the same "why u no reboot? I need updates" question every single time I turn on my PC.

    Today when updating it kills explorer.exe without any confirmation and doesn't bring it back to life.

    I don't think that their paid enterprise customers are doing the beta alpha testers like this. Is it really necessary to push nightlies to end users? It can't be tested casually for a couple of days then pushed?

    I disabled the updates check and will update the nextcloud desktop client manually every 5 years if I can remember. Added an exception to Winget so it doesn't update it. I lost my patience.

    Gemini on Android can't ID songs, and it's frustrating | TechCrunch Gemini on Android can't ID songs, and it's frustrating | TechCrunch

    Google's Gemini chatbot falls short in a number of areas. One of them is recognizing songs that might be playing.

    Gemini on Android can't ID songs, and it's frustrating | TechCrunch

    The author says that once you install Gemini (pro), when you ask "what song is this", you get a reply like "use apple's Shazam".

    They say Google assistant music recognition was working so well and super accurate.

    Although I was never able to have it work. When I ask "what song is this" I can only get one of this two results:

    1. Sorry, I didn't understand (90% of cases)
    2. Search "what song is this" on Google

    My use cases are:

    1. In car listening to radio. I never have it work.
    2. Know which song is playing right now on the device when I'm using headphones. It never worked but it should be trivial, you already have all the metadata already. My iPod touch could do this super reliably and 100% offline TWENTY YEARS ago. It was so useful.
    Which free VPNs are supported by gluetun?

    I want to try bitmagnet on the dev server at work (yes, we have permission to use it for personal reasons as long it's legal) but for obvious reasons it must be tunneled through a VPN.

    Bitmagnet it's a local search engine that discovers content via DHT. It just asks peers for content, then when you come back the following month it should have found many interesting stuff

    Problem is that from a network point of view it looks I want to download every single torrent ever made so I wouldn't want to have my workplace ip address associated with that.

    Because the network traffic is minimal and for this content I don't care if the provider does data mining, I would like to use a free VPN with gluetun.

    But I can't find a free one that works. From the officially supported only windscribe and proton have a free offer, but windscribe free doesn't have OpenVPN or wireguard, while proton VPN free blocks me immediately as soon as the program talks with other peers, even if I don't actually download anything.

    So back to the question, which free VPNs are working with gluetun, someone has experience with that?

    How to reset downloads on AAAD?

    AAAD it's a freemium sideloaded app that allows you to install unofficial apps for Android auto.

    At startup it sends some device identifier to his server and checks if you have a license, otherwise goes in trial mode where you can try one app every month.

    It doesn't ask any additional permission. No storage, no phone/IMEI and no location. If you uninstall it, somehow it knows you previously downloaded it.

    Tried to reset the advertising id, no change

    My questions:

    1. How the hell the app is able to fingerprint the user like that, persisting uninstalls?

    2. How to reset the counter?

    Do you trust saving CC numbers in Firefox?

    I'm just scared that they're saved with reversible encryption on the disk, then malware could steal them

    This spammer told an university that i agree to get email communications

    The university allows URLs as a "person name", so the spammer bots filled forms everywhere filling with my email and the spam URL as my name. So i'm getting bombarded by "legit" emails with a spam url as in "hi SPAM_URL"

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